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how to fix youtube daily limit exceeded

But you may have been hitting daily quota limits. Remember that in many cases, you can substitute a less costly call, such as youtube.videos.list , in place of the method. For example, to search most popular videos instead of the search.list call , you can use the videos.list call using the most popular chart . ... More

how to fix a smelly drain shower

First time trying to sell a house and it wasnt even ours. Well, ours by default after our mum died. We tried to sell my mums house for a year. ... More

how to find expected value in statistics

The expected value in this example in negative which tells us that over time (as you play) you are expected, on average, to be at a loss at the end. The more you play, the more you are likely to lose. ... More

pokemon friend code how to find

Share your friend or referral codes with other players to gain rewards and extras like coins, items and boosts in your favourite mobile and social games. We mainly support friend and referral codes for android and ios games. We are continually adding support for more games as we get requests and come across them ourselfs. ... More

how to get tickets for late late show

If you were one of the thousands of people who tried and failed to get yourself tickets to this year’s Late Late Toy Show, don’t despair just yet because there’s still a chance for you to bag yourself a pair. ... More

how to get healthy when sick

Investigate your resources before you get sick so you’re prepared for whatever cold and flu season throws at you. In addition to student health centers, some dorms have programs to help you get … ... More

how to look cool girl in college

College Girls Looking For Men - Sign up on this dating site and fall in love. Start using our dating site and you'll find new relationship in your location. College Girls Looking For Men . And it can be tempting to send emails to people you will find very attractive, but be patient enough. This is why they hate ads and banners on dating. Therefore, there is no harm in using these ads on your ... More

how to learn a foreign language fast

18/12/2013 Accelerate language learning speed with this GREAT technique! At first you may think it sounds crazy, but IT WORKS. I use it a lot to practise Spanish and Italian and ... More

how to find velocity of a wave

assuming it is a standard electromagnetic wave (not a sound wave): 300/.42=714.2857142857143m, or 809.5238microns (peak-to-peak or crest-to-crest) Where v is the velocity of the wave (default is velocity of light in vacuum: 300.000 Km/s). ... More

how to know if he likes you through text quiz

So , pick your crush or a random guy, and see what he thinks. of course, this isint 100% accurate, its just for fun . ... More

how to get green battery on iphone

14/11/2016 I have a new iPhone 5C. Up until today I had no problems. This morning the battery percentage bar was all black but said 100%. I plugged it in and the bar was all green ... More

how to get a google doodle

Google Doodles are fun interactive elements that are impossible to resist. Some doodles teach us a new thing or two, others are fun games to recharge our tired minds and still others remind us of the great achievements of others. ... More

how to get a good job without college

14/11/2017 You can get a good job without a bachelor's degree. Chauncy Lennon and Anthony P. Carnevale To get a good job you must have a bachelor's degree." This is a common myth that needs to be debunked ... More

speed how to make things go really fast

Depending on how fast you want to go and the amount of money you want to spend, there are a number of ways to speed up your RC car or truck. I’ll start with some of the cheaper options first and work my way up to the most expensive. ... More

how to know if your banned from dark souls 2

If you've been playing Dark Souls 2 online on PC for any amount of time, you've probably noticed that a fair number of people have some or all of their name censored. ... More

how to get a new visa debit card

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee fully covers you for any fraudulent transactions on your new card † Link your business account Access your own money to pay for business expenses just about anywhere by linking your Business Visa Debit Card to any of the following business transaction accounts: ... More

how to get smaller hips and waist fast

Airman How To Get Smaller Waist Flat Stomach- Do this smaller waist flat stomach exercise 3-4 times a week for maximum results! (Smaller Waist Workout Hourglass Figure Challenge) (Smaller Waist Workout Hourglass Figure Challenge) ... More

how to give page number word 2016

You may wish to create a cross reference to an equation, a statement in your document such as "As was shown in Equation 3...", but you want Word to insert the appropriate equation number, and update it if the number of the equation should change. ... More

how to get gloss paint out of suede

Angelus paints come out semi-gloss by default. For a gloss look, allow the paint to dry completely, and apply Angelus Finisher. It has the consistency of diluted milk, and is brushed liberally over the paint. Allow to dry fully, at least 24 hours, before using the shoes. ... More

how to get rid of bleach stains on black clothes

12/09/2018 This works great for black and dark colors, but not so well for whites and light and bright colors. 2. Try the sun-bleaching method to lighten clothes naturally. Sometimes it can be better to work with the stain rather than against it. Begin by washing the garment and placing it outside in direct sunlight. Wait several hours and repeat the process if required. Ultraviolet rays are bleaching ... More

how to get low grade fuel in rust

Low Octane Fuel: Burning cheap gas may be one way to save pennies, but switching to a higher grade of fuel may be necessary to eliminate a persistent knock problem. Defective Knock Sensor: The knock sensor responds to frequency vibrations produced by detonation (typically 6 - 8 kHz), and signals the computer to momentarily retard ignition timing until detonation stops. ... More

how to finish mdf edges

20/06/2011 · Re: Finishing MDF Based Cabinet Doors I just finished a cabinet with mdf trim, and I second everything said so far. Rusty is right, there really is no "end grain" per se, but any cut or routed edges really do soak up the primer more than intact factory surfaces. ... More

how to get black colour in brawlhalla

A white hole will turn up in your mathematics if you explore the space-time around a black hole without including the star which made the black hole (i.e. there is absolutely no matter in the solution). Once you add any matter to the space-time, the part which included a white hole disappears. ... More

how to find dms on instagram

Instagram requires a username, and teens may decide to simply use their first and last names. Discourage your children from this practice, as well as filling in addresses, phone numbers, and any other sensitive information. ... More

lol how to get diamond

I doubt that's how it works, as anyone could get to gold then. Generally it would be based on a ratio, if ARAM even works that way. Generally it would be based on a ratio, if ARAM even works that way. ... More

how to find italicized n in one way anova

Power for One-way ANOVA To calculate the power of a one-way ANOVA, we use the noncentral F distribution F ( df B , df E , λ ) where the noncentrality parameter is The noncentrality parameter is also equal to f 2 n where f is the effect size measure described in Effect Size for ANOVA . ... More

how to get old yahoo mail back

Yahoo says, If any of your emails have been deleted or gone missing in the last 7 days, you can submit a restore request and well do everything we can to try to recover your lost messages. ... More

how to get started in rally cross

Getting Started in ClubSport ClubSport events are competitions held usually on a road, circuit or paddock, where competitors compete against the clock for the time taken to complete the course. The event format/type can be an autocross, a motorkhana, a bent sprint, a … ... More

how to join a swingers club

Couple from a swingers site meet a single male - fun night. An encounter teaches me that they don't have to be pretty. and other exciting erotic at! An encounter teaches me that they don't have to be pretty. and other exciting erotic at! ... More

how to get over toxic friends

Now it's been a little over a month and I really don't want to come back at all, but all of a sudden he started looking for me, telling me everything I always wanted to hear and asking me to get … ... More

how to get all achievements for lyne

Cheats, hints, glitches, unlockables, guides, walkthroughs, hints and more for LYNE on iOS. Submit some more! ... More

how to watch the powerball drawing live online

The Powerball drawing is tonight, and you can watch live as the winning numbers are drawn. You may watch the video of the Powerball drawing and the winning numbers as ... More

how to keep food cold at an outdoor party

Whether it's a backyard barbecue, game day, or birthday party, you can't go wrong with this layered taco dip. Refried beans, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, avocado, scallions, canned green chiles, sour cream, and shredded lettuce make up the enticing layers. ... More

how to get nightmare fuel as maxwell

When I choose Maxwell, I start with 6 nightmare fuel and the Codex Umbra, but I can't use the Codex Umbra to split my mind and create shadows; It just says … ... More

how to get sub bot 2017

Hello, Due to all the none techie guys/girls in the guild I am in kept asking for help to do simulationcrafts to get stat weights and check dps did I take on the task on creating a discord bot that does all the boring stuff for you. ... More

how to get more comp points overwatch

Before we dig into the finer points of tweaking performance, its worth noting there are a few oddities in Overwatchs graphical settings. The first has to do with presets. There are the ... More

how to get to port qugusta

For the next century Port Augusta was primarily a port shipping the wool and wheat from the surrounding area. This activity continued until 1973 when the port ceased to operate. The town was ... More

how to get album art on downloaded music samsung

Just use an app to do it. I used "Album art grabber" and it worked pretty well for me, but if you want to change more than just the album art, like the artist name, or song title, then use "Star Music … ... More

how to get pink hair dye out of hair fast

6/10/2018 "Just knowing I didn't have to go spend a bunch of money to get my blue hair dye out so I could go back with a different color was a huge relief. I usually don't go with crazy colors, but this was for a good cause, and I enjoyed it while it lasted." ... More

how to brush finish stainless steel watch bracelet

OEM Brushed Solid 316l Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet Band From CONKLY Factory, find complete details about OEM Brushed Solid 316l Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet Band From CONKLY Factory, 316L stainless steel watch band, Solid Mesh Stainless Steel Bracelets, 316L Brushed SS watch strap - CONKLY-watch accessories manufacturer ... More

how to fix french toast

My husband, who has very little cooking experience, wanted to make french toast for us and so I looked up this recipe for him. This turned out so well that it is now our very favourite recipe for french toast...and I have tried dozens of different recipes for french toast. ... More

how to get silica pearls in scorched earth

The flamethrower is a new weapon in ARK: Scorched Earth that unlocks at level 55. You make the flamethrower on the fabrication but the ammo for it is made on the chemistry bench. The flamethrower is OK at doing damage to creatures, but it is amazing at clearing away foliage such as shrubs and tre... ... More

how to grow king protea

Protea cynaroides is a woody shrub with thick stems and large dark green, glossy leaves, up to 6.6 feet (2 m) tall. The “flowers” of Protea cynaroides are actually composite flower heads with a collection of flowers in the center, surrounded by large colorful bracts. ... More

how to look up synonyms in google docs

If you convert a text document to Google Docs format, it can be up to 50 MB. Spreadsheets : Up to two million cells for spreadsheets that are created in or converted to Google Sheets. ... More

how to find peoples middle names online

Middle Name: State: * * Required fields Last Name: * There are many benefits for running a people search by using online search engines on the Internet, these search engines can allow a person to find information about almost any Australian citizen or for people who lived in Australia during their lives. In order to pull up a person's date of birth or estimated age, address, aliases (if ... More

how to keep bloodworms alive

19/04/2012 · I agree. Bloodworms are fairly easy to keep alive. If you do wish to freeze them, you can use an ice cube tray; put water and a small amount of bloodworms in each well. ... More

how to go from brussels to amsterdam

15/09/2012 · The high-speed Thalys trains operate from Brussel-Zuid (Bruxelles-Midi in French) to Amsterdam Centraal. Journey time is about 1h45. Booking in advance is strongly recommended, tickets go on sale three months before depearture date and the cheapest fares sell out first. ... More

how to grow a civil war mustache

9/06/2016 · The American Civil War lasted from April 12th, 1861 until May 9th, 1865. It was a savage conflict that almost rent our nation asunder and left three quarters of a million soldiers dead, with ... More

how to get friendly with bloodsail buccaneers

Quests that raise reputation with Booty Bay will also lower your reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. Mobs killable for BB reputation are: Blackwater Deckhand ... More

how to find intercept on matlab graph

this is my graph fig. i want to intersection point of efficiency & unit discharge at 100 unit speed & other unit speed. so how we use matlab code finding intersection of this. 0 … ... More

prague zoo how to get there

The Prague Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world and aims to educate the public about wildlife while protecting the animals that live there. Many of the exhibits allow visitors to get up close and personal with the animals. Despite being in the middle of a city, there is lots of greenery at the ... More

how to kill mice quickly

25/11/2009 · Best Answer: If you've got dog food in the house, you've probably get a dog, right? Well antifreeze is poisonous to dogs, too! Even if antifreeze would kill the mice quickly (which isn't the case), it wouldn't be a good idea to use it with pets in the house. ... More

how to get mega phoenix ffx

19/04/2014 Courtesy of Rusty on Neoseeker: Dark Yojimbo Strategy (Inter/PAL) - Final Fantasy X Forum - Neoseeker Forums It does take more than an hour to fight him this way (the five fights combined), but it worked like a charm. ... More

how to find my flight reservation number

You can make use of number of travel sites to find out what prices are obtainable for your tour itinerary. Some of the travel websites will allow you to choose the fare you are eager to shell out and then help you find the tickets for that price. To have the flight reservation you can also contact the airlines directly. The advent of contemporary technology has made flight reservation a ... More

how to get imessage on ipod touch

15/04/2015 · Hi. Subject line pretty much tells the story but i'll clarify a bit. When I first got my iPod touch back in March I was able to use iMessage, and face … ... More

how to find free art supplies

It’s nice to see others support the arts. Even though this may be basic advice to some, it is the best advice imo. I have be working on my art and designs since 2004 and now my site, and my fan base is looking better then ever. ... More

how to get to brunswick from city

The Brunswick City Soccer Club is a well-known northern suburbs club located in Moreland with strong community emphasis. Dunstan Reserve, Peacock Street in West Brunswick is the headquarters for the club, where it shares a multi-purpose sports facility with other community groups. ... More

how to get forklift licence in melbourne

A forklift licence is required to work in many warehouses. Luckily, Yugo Driving School offer training at a range of times to suit your schedule. Luckily, Yugo Driving School offer training at a range of times to suit your schedule. ... More

how to find tutors name uwa

My name's Elizabeth and I recently graduated from Perth Modern School in 2017 and achieved an ATAR of 99.4. I am currently studying Arts/Law majoring in Political Science and French at UWA. I am able to tutor in the following subjects: - Poli... ... More

how to get into nuclear medicine

Students in the nuclear medicine program pay tuition according to the BC tuition schedule (14-17 credits per quarter). In addition, in the 2nd–6th quarters, an additional fee of $200 per quarter is also required to pay for costs related to clinical education. ... More

how to get into adobe flash player settings

Adobe recommends that users of the Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime for Windows, Macintosh and Linux update to Adobe Flash Player version as soon as possible. ... More

how to get expert cards in hearthstone

31/03/2014 Miscellaneous notes. The Shaman deck is absolutely hilarious. The most expensive minion costs 3 mana, and the AI just tries to get Windfury taunts up behind taunt walls with Flametongue Totem s / Dire Wolf Alpha s to hit face. ... More

how to find out if i have diabetes at home

People at risk need to have a laboratory blood glucose test (not using a portable blood glucose meter) performed by their doctor to check if they have diabetes. It is important not to wait for symptoms to develop, as these may not appear until the blood glucose is quite high. ... More

bpay double payment how to get money back

bPay accessibility benefits. Customers have been telling us that bPay is useful in a range of ways. People with dexterity and mobility requirements, sight loss and dyslexia have found bPay has made making a payment easier for them. ... More

how to get up the coding of a website chrome

WhatsApp Web. Send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer. We recommend using WhatsApp with one of the following browsers: Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox. Opera. WhatsApp also supports: Microsoft Edge. Safari (macOS 10.8+ Only) ... More

cuevana how to get away with murder

Get your feet on the ground by hitting these exercises! Squat Jumps This is a great power variation of the squat. You still lower yourself down slowly, but explode upwards from the bottom of the squat. As you land, try to slow your momentum so you’re working your muscles on the way down as well. Hip Thruster Sit on the ground with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and your hands behind ... More

how to get bedroom eyes

The ultimate tutorial for bedroom eyes inspired from the Parisian beauty herself. which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer ... More

how to get better mobile network signal

Guide to Understanding Poor Mobile Network Coverage. What is a Signal Blackspot? A phone reception or coverage blackspot, is generally defined as a geographic area that experiences reduced mobile phone signal due to factors other than being too far from a cell tower. The user will experience similar issues such as: call drop-outs. digital garbling/noise during a call. difficulty hearing other ... More

calaguas how to get there

It’s not that I don’t want to see and experience Calaguas again. But there is this fear that the Calaguas I once knew wouldn’t be the same when I get back. I don’t want to feel disappointed (more so that I have learned of the claimed “developments” made in the place). Let us just say, I like the memory I had before… that happy, untainted, memory I had with Calaguas. And that is ... More

how to get rid of white pimples overnight

How to get rid of pimples overnight is the most common question that often be said by most people who have the problem with the zits on their face. The zits will annoy someone’s appearance because it will reduce the quality of skin health and beauty. The pimples appear when the pores of face are clogged up so it will cause the inflammation on face. A researcher says that almost people will ... More

how to get rid of dark eye circles home remedies

how to get rid of dark circles under eyes permanently. Natural Remedies to Remove Dark Circles at home. Are you feel embarrassed when people say that you Natural Remedies to Remove Dark Circles at home. ... More

how to find distinguished name

Find the distinguished name of an AD object (DSQUERY) This post got me out of a hole today so i have reproduced it here for posterity Command to find the LDAP path for OU ... More

how to find out my po box

What if the APC can’t find my PO Box information? A. We recommend that you acquire a new PS Form 1093 application, fill it out with all of your current information, and present it to the Post Office where your PO Box is located to ensure we have your most current information on file. ... More

how to find ebay final value fee

Details. The most simple and easy to use eBay fee and profit calculator (UK). eBay’s fee calculation does not require an auction style (auction/buy it now) or a … ... More

how to get a tesco clubcard

Currently, it looks like its a closed beta – there’s a form inviting you to sign up now for a trial but once we entered our digits, we didn’t get much further than that. ... More

how to know whether to move in together

Read: How an Insensitive Jerk Saved my Marriage. One of the reasons cohabitation was linked with divorce in prior years was that poorer people tended to move in together and then slide into ... More

how to get both rewards in ill met by moonlight

Commissioned and first toured in 1994 and again in 2001, Ill Met by Moonlight received outstanding audience and critical response for both productions. The 1994 production was part of the portfolio of work which earned Hijinx the BBC Wales Arts Award for Company of the Year. ... More

how to get rid of fox poo smell on dogs

10/01/2012 Tomato sauce here too. Rub directly on the offending area (rubber gloves always handy for this lol), then wash out with warm water. As my youngest is very pale cream, the sauce gave a pink tinge, so she gets the sauce, followed by shampooy water followed by the hose which seems to get rid of even the hint of Eau De Fox!! ... More

how to get photos off mac photos

You can use Photos without iCloud Photo Library -- just make sure you turn it off in the Preferences menu. When you first open Photos, you will be asked to choose a library. ... More

how to do v look ups

Learning how to vlookup in Excel 2007/2010/2013 can be very useful This is a step by step vlookup tutorial (only 7 steps) suitable for beginners. It’s the quickest and simplest way to do a vlookup! ... More

how to get flan princeas

Princess has no control over seat assignments, and any changes are at the discretion of the airline. We recommend that guests contact the airline(s) directly, once ... More

how to get the strongest orgasm

Childbirth and other factors go into making a vagina looser. This makes sex less enjoyable and definitely affects a woman's self esteem. If this is happening to you, then it … ... More

pokemon brick bronze how to get combee

In-Depth Effect: When stuck to a special tree in Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, after six hours, a wild Pokémon will appear. The trees are found in Route 205, Route 206, Route 207, Route 208, Route 209, Route 210, Route 211, Route 212, Route 213, Route 214, Route 215, Route 218, Route 221, Route 222, Eterna Forest, Floaroma Meadow, Fuego ... More

how to fix auto rotate function samsung note5

16/03/2015 · Unfortunately in some pretty rare cases the auto rotate stops working and you need to re-calibrate it manually as posted in this topic. We’ll always help you do this and if it does not work make sure the FP get’s returned to us so we can fix whatever is wrong. ... More

how to find out my childs crn number

... More

how to join a clinical trial

Clinical trials are an important treatment option for many people with cancer. Your doctor may suggest joining a clinical trial. He or she can explain why a clinical trial may be right for you. You can also click on Find a clinical trial to look for a trial that you can join. ... More

how to know if liver detox is working

Natural Detox Foot Baths How Do I Know If My Liver Detox Is Working Juices To Detox Liver Top Detox Cleanse Pills sort results by: best selling new to store a-z z-a customer rating low to high price high to low price savings dollars savings percent ... More

how to go from casual dating to exclusive

Casual dating means you can always be on the lookout for someone new, so that if or when things fizzle with one of your current guys you have a list of new potential dates to choose from. ... More

how to get free microsoft points codes instantly

Eager to know how to get free microsoft points 2011 instantly? seeking where is the best and legit site that offers how to get microsoft points for free, Well you are now reading the best and legit site that offers what you are looking for in xbox live gaming and a lot of entertaintment, you spend a lot of days or weeks and now you found the ... More

how to keep thread and bobbins together

Bobbins love to unwind and tangle. Plus, their small size makes them extra tricky to keep track of. There are two basic approaches to storing bobbins: store them with the matching thread spool or store all bobbins together. ... More

how to get kitchen treasure spices send to you

Bring all of the sides together to form a pouch, and then secure the bundle with a piece of kitchen twine. Leave one piece of the string long enough so you can easily remove the bouquet garni from the cooking pot. ... More

how to get rid of indianmeal moths in pantry

You can do better, because you can choose non-chemical methods to get rid of them. Other pantry pests, like weevils and beetles also can be got rid of yourself together with Indianmeal moths. Other pantry pests, like weevils and beetles also can be got rid of yourself together with Indianmeal moths. ... More

how to join dantdms world on pc

... More

how to make a crossfit box jump

In CrossFit, there are a few keys to doing a burpee right each time. They are: When you go to the ground, your chest and thighs must make contact with the floor. Your feet must come back up together. This is a newer standard, as it used to be permissible to step up with one foot at a time. As a beginner, you can still do this, but higher level athletes should stick to jumping back up with ... More

how to test your vertical jump

Improving your vertical jump is one of the easiest ways to become a better athlete because jumping ability translates to so many sports—and in the process you will get stronger, quicker, and more flexible. There is a correlation between how high you can jump, … ... More

how to get vegetable oil out of a solution

Found in everything from shampoo to donuts, palm oil is now the most common vegetable oil in the worldand also one of the world's leading deforestation drivers. Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of the oil palm tree, Elaeis guineensis, which thrives in humid climates. The large majority of ... More

how to know what others are thinking

Eventbrite - MindCom - the Mindful Communication Method presents How to read between the lines and know what other's really think. - Wednesday, 11 July 2018 at 10 Bailey St, West End, QLD. Find event and ticket information. ... More

how to keep a cake from sliding

The cake is also baked as the feature prize for a local fundraising tradition called a cake walk which is a game played like musical chairs where donated cakes serve as the prize. Great attention is paid to the perfection of the pencil-thin layers that form the distinctive cake.[13] Before each round, the prize cake at stake is cut in half and shown to the players who pay to participate in the ... More

how to get widow cute spray console

Making a DIY privacy window screen is the perfect DIY window treatment. If you can’t hang curtains, have an odd-shaped window, or would love to remove the privacy screen to let in light during the day but easily put it back in place at night, then a privacy window … ... More

how to get apple id verification email

Fix: Unable to verify Apple ID because activation / verification email is NOT sent / received By SK 132 comments Last updated November 13, 2017 Several readers report that they are unable to verify Apple ID because they did not receive the activation email that Apple sent to verify their email ... More

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how to join servers on minecraft pocket edition

18/06/2013 · We do but we cant tell anyone we dont know that otherwise we would be spammed with requests. We cant make as much time to play with you guys because its summer and Everybody is …

how to find t value and p-value

The p-value of this result would be the chance of a fair coin landing on heads at least 14 times out of 20 flips. There are several common misunderstandings about p-values. The p-value is not the probability that the null hypothesis is true. (This false conclusion is used to justify the "rule" of considering a result to be significant if its p-value is very small (near zero).) In fact

joe santagato how to get a date

Joe Santagato Recent Video Stats Enter any Username below and we will search for that users stats. If they are not already in the system, we will add them and begin tracking from now forward.

how to find safe bearing capacity of soil

The maximum load per unit area which the soil or rock can carry without yielding or displacement is termed as the bearing capacity of soils. Soil properties like shear strength, density, permeability etc., affect the bearing capacity of soil.

how to find out who unfriended me on facebook

Question from Kelly A.: Every once in a while Ill find out that one of my Facebook friends has deleted me at some point in the past. Is there a setting I can change so that Facebook will alert me when someone unfriends me?

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Northern Ireland: Bangor NIR, Belfast NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Bangor NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 9H7

Scotland: Paisley SCO, East Kilbride SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, Dunfermline SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 7B1

Wales: Newport WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 7D5